Summer 2016 Video Series


Join the youth of Mill Village Farms during their 10-week summer work crew as they are serving their community by growing food and learning life skills and entrepreneurship. Every two weeks, we will share a new video on our youth's summer experiences. Our 2016 Summer Youth Crew Program was graciously supported by Greenville Women Giving

Episode 1: Meet some of the students working on the farms this summer!

Episode 2: The students are starting to see the fruits of their labor - Jasmine and Asheton lead the way!

Episode 3: The teens are cooking it up in the market with some of their summer produce!

Episode 4: All Aboard! Taressa shares her labor of love on the Mill Village Mobile Market!

Episode 5: Youth present the businesses they've been working on this summer in their entrepreneurship class. It's Shark Tank, Greenville style!