Rooftop Farm

Downtown Greenville Rooftop Farm 

With almost a half-acre of roof space, the building located at the corner of East Washington Street & Main Street in downtown Greenville, (former Windstream Building) is the first Urban Rooftop Farm in South Carolina.

Rendering of Rooftop Farm

Rendering of Rooftop Farm

With the help of Hughes Development Corporation, the building owner, who has graciously donated the rooftop space for this specific use, and through innovative technologies, we hope to change the notion of how and where food can be grown!

The rooftop farm utilizes state-of-the-art vertical, aeroponic towers that can grow fresh and healthy vegetables in just 24 days. We plan to outfit the rooftop with up to 50 commercial Tower Gardens. Learn more about “Tower Gardens” and aeroponic technology.

The Greenville Rooftop Farming Initiative by Mill Village Farms is seeking additional corporate and individual sponsorships to grow the most tasty produce in the Upstate!

Will you help us put some “Green” on top of Greenville with a sponsorship?

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