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Thank you for writing a reference for one of our youth applicants,

Mill Village Farm's mission is to grow food and grow jobs for our community. Our vision is to transform communities through fresh foods and developing successful youth.

Through our youth crew program we aim to teach responsibility and leadership skills. We also bring together a diverse group of youth from various backgrounds to learn from one another. We are looking for youth with a commitment to Mill Village Farm's mission while having a willingness to work hard.

Youth work part-time for 8-12 weeks during our fall, spring, and/or summer programs. Each youth work in a team with other youth and an adult leader. The team works together to maintain our urban and rural farmland. Youth also help run our Mobile Market and new "Brick and Mortar" Market in West Greenville. Youth are required to participate in a weekly interactive classroom experience to learn job skills, sustainable agriculture, and/or entrepreneurship. This is both a job and youth development program. We also support youth by having them set goals during the program and receiving peer and leader feedback on a regular basis.

Please fill out information below to the best of your ability. If you have any questions please contact our Program Assistant, Stella Huey at or (864) 326-5509.

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