About Mill Village Farms Pork
Our pigs are all raised by us at The Farm at Rabon Creek where we ensure a high level of animal welfare and ecologically conscious practices. We raise heritage breeds of pigs that grow a little slower, but have greater flavor and marbling characteristics. All of our pigs are raised on pasture and wooded paddocks that are rotated frequently to ensure a clean area for the pigs to forage. We never use antibiotics or hormones with our pigs. Also, the grains that are fed are all grown and milled regionally. If you have any questions about how our pigs are raised, need some recipes or cooking tips please do not hesitate to ask.

Back Fat, price per pound

Back Fat, price per pound


Back fat comes from the side and back of pig, and is a fantastic cooking oil when rendered. Render at a very low heat (or in a crockpot) and put in a mason jar in the refrigerator to continual use.

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