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Our plants are grown with non-GMO seeds in our organically-managed Mill Village Greenhouse!

All plants are sold individually. Each plant is sold in a 2-inch pot (cut).

Learn more on the specific herb varieties below. 

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Click on each variety for pictures and a more detailed description.

Thai Basil - Spicy anise-clove flavor great as a flavorful garnish for sweet dishes.

Sweet Genovese Basil - Classic Italian flavored basil for pestos.

Cinnamon Basil - Sweet aroma and taste that can be used for drinks, salads, soups or desserts.

Amethyst Improved - Intense basil flavor with a deep purple color.

Italian Parsley - Sweet and refreshing taste great with any Italian dish.

German Winter Thyme -  Culinary and ornamental herb used to enhance the taste of potatoes to pastes.

English Lavender - Beautiful and fragrant flowers that can be used fresh or dried.

Common Sage - Wide variety of culinary uses including dressing, sauces. sausages and tea.

Greek Oregano - Great for topping pasta, salads and pizza with a strong oregano aroma.

Garlic Chive - Mild, part onion-garlic flavor for a multitude of culinary uses. 

Fine Leaf Chive - Sweet mild onion flavor used fresh.

Common Mint - Minty flavor used as garnish for salads, desserts and drinks.

Winter Savory - Pungent flavored herb used dried or fresh in vinegars, butters, creamy soups or tea.

Lemon Balm - Fresh citrus flavored leaves great for tea and salads.