Meet two Youth at Mill Village Farms this Summer

Meet Onitria!


I am a 10th grader at Legacy Early College.  My favorite thing to do is try new things. This summer I am an Ally Partner working at Trees Greenville. The best part is that I am still connected to Mill Village Farms' classes and field trips. I really enjoy the summer classes, this year I am participating in an entrepreneurship class where we are making a product to sell at the Travelers Rest Farmers Market. This class has inspired me to become a small business owner after I finish college.

At Trees Greenville I am learning about planting and caring for trees in our community. I enjoy maintaining the trees, but watering can be one of the most challenging parts. My favorite part of this job is when I get to see different parts of the Greenville-area that I have never been too.

The one thing I want people to know about Mill Village Farms and the Ally Partner program is how much it has helped me. Before I was apart of the program I was not as responsible as I am today. I think learning discipline and responsibility from Mill Village Farms has made me a better and more prepared person for the real world.

Meet Brandon!

I am a 9th grader at Greenville High School. Mill Village Farms is a fun program where I can get outside and help my community. I get to harvest and sell produce for people in need. My favorite part of this program is getting to know my co-workers and supervisors because it makes working in the hot summer more enjoyable. It helps me stay optimistic because if everyone around me has a positive attitude I will too.

When I get older I want to become a stockbroker on Wall Street. I think it would be exciting and interesting. I am excited for the personal finance class this summer at Mill Village Farms because it relates to spending and saving money.

I think the most important thing for people to know about Mill Village Farms is that we are helping our community and fighting to end food deserts in Greenville.