"To Live the Life of Influencers" by Lajadia Seawright

As we conclude the summer here at Mill Village Farms we are all filled with so many emotions. This summer one of our youth, Lajadia shared her thoughts through this beautiful poem. We think it really encapsulates the incredible heart & drive of our teens! Enjoy :-)

Sprouting out of the ground we have grown new friendships

Built a family of love

It's crazy this is our last day together like the plants we've pulled out of the ground

You can’t fake moments like this

We will try not to forget the bond we have made like the soil. Not forgetting to grow organic fruit.

Roots from every working arm bedded to the farm. We are the farm keepers.

Kids looking for work what better way to work then being keepers of the great Lord's earth.

God has brought us together for a reason making families, changing people's lives

He has brought us here to change, not only change, but live the life of influencers.

-Lajadia Seawright