Delicious Delivery in Greenville Journal

Check out the Good to Go Greenville story covered by Greenville Journal on July 3rd, 2013. 

Jimmy Thompson, Mill Village Farms Youth Partner

Delicious Delivery

Good to Go mobile farmers market visits underserved neighborhoods

By: April Morris

July 3rd, 2013 - Summer produce is coming into season and the peaches are sweet, the squash savory and the tomatoes tangy. But what if you live in an area where there's little access to farm-fresh produce?

Mill Village Farms, an Upstate organization that oversees several small urban farms, has partnered with Loaves and Fishes food bank to launch a new mobile farmers market that will stop in underserved areas.

Good to Go is a market that travels to the Greater Sullivan and West Greenville areas to offer everything from blueberries to bread for residents who don't have access to fresh, healthy food.

The converted Loaves and Fishes refrigerated truck started service on June 22 and attracted more than 100 people, said Dan Weidenbenner, Mill Village Farms director. Workers pull up to a stop and have the market ready in about 15 minutes, he said.

Because local teens, ages 13-18, work at Mill Village Farms and staff the mobile market, many neighbors have been eager to buy from them.

"The neighborhood wants to support the local youth," Weidenbenner said. The teens are hired by the farm, work to grow the crops and "learn agriculture and entrepreneurial skills along the way," he said.

In addition to produce grown at Mill Village Farms, the market offers some out-of-season produce, like bananas, that is often found in the grocery store, Weidenbenner said.

Both neighborhoods requested the mobile market and others are interested, he said. By the next summer season, organizers hope to launch an expanded radius and full-time schedule for Good to Go to include stops on multiple days and more neighborhoods and businesses, he added.

Mill Village Farms currently partners with the Sullivan Street Farm on Bolt Street and Mills Mill Farm off Mills Avenue in Greenville, as well as a rural farm, 52-acre Serenity Farm off Saluda Dam Road. With the addition of the larger Serenity Farm, Good to Go will be able to offer fresh eggs later in the season, Weidenbenner said.

Good to Go will also be participating in various special events throughout the season, including First Fridays along Pendleton Street with other local food trucks, he said.