Growing Jobs

Growing Jobs

Not too long ago, Greenville, SC was known as the “textile capital of the world.”  But today those thriving textile communities, once bustling with business owners, farmers, workers and success, lie dormant, battling unemployment, abandoned buildings, homelessness and high crime rates.

Mill Village Farms (MVF) is joining other mill residents in a fight for community restoration. We at MVF are providing youth, aged 14-18, with a first-time job experience in sustainable agriculture, entrepreneurship and basic job skills. Do you remember your first job? What about the values, lessons, work ethic and pride you felt after you learned something new or did something well? MVF’s primary goal is to provide at-risk neighborhood youth with a job that enhances their confidence and drive as they transition from adolescence to young adulthood.

Research shows that employed youth are more likely to graduate high school, to stay out of trouble, and be prepared for future job success.  Providing mill village teens with a job opportunity has the power to forever change the direction of their lives. Please consider joining Mill Village Farms in our mission by volunteering time, donating or just spreading the word!

Youth Entrepreneurship

During the Summer of 2013, Mill Village Farms launched their first Youth Entrepreneurship Program in partnership with Village Launch. During this 10-week program, MVF Youth Partners tour the entrepreneur community and learn the fundamentals of starting an entrepreneurial venture. Throughout the summer, the youth team explores and creates a proposal for a start-up entrepreneurial project.